Gastric Sleeve

Fingerlakes Bariatrics is now offering Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass as a surgical weight loss options. Gastric Sleeve is now the #1 option for bariatric surgery. The gastric sleeve decreases stomach capacity by surgically removing the greater curvature of the stomach. The stomach is therefore much smaller and able to hold less food. Gastric Sleeve also decreases appetite as the hunger hormone (ghrelin) which is stored in the curvature is decreased by the removal of this portion of the stomach. Benefits of gastric sleeve include: no re-routing of the intestines, no significant nutritional deficiencies, no implantation of a foreign object, and weight loss can continue for more than a year. This is an irreversible procedure and an inpatient hospital stay of 2 days is usually required.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is a procedure that uses both restriction and malabsorption to help you achieve weight loss. First, the stomach is stapled to make a smaller pouch, then, most of the stomach and part of the intestines are bypassed by attaching a part of the intestine to the small stomach pouch. Gastric bypass is non-adjustable and is not intended to be reversed. It has its primary effect over the course of the first year.

Each operation has advantages and disadvantages. We encourage you to ask questions to help with this decision. Our approach is that the patient is the best person to make this important decision. Ultimately it will be up to the patient to adopt the behavioral changes necessary to ensure long-term success.

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